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Original design necklace assembled using a shell pendant with green flowers and bird motif hung from hand knitted quartz and green faceted crystal beads.

Measures 24.5”

👑Assemblage jewelry and wearable textiles are made using pre-loved pieces of jewelry, toys, artifacts, vintage fabrics, and anything of interest! They also might show signs of wear. They may be discolored, misshapen, missing pieces, broken, etc. before I assemble them with new and old items to form a new work of wearable art. My goal is to find beauty in the “outcasts & unloved” items of yesteryear. The final product is unused and unworn. These assembled pieces are then packaged in my own original packaging and sent to you! Please contact me if you have any questions once you receive your item. Thank you for supporting small businesses and artists!!

shell pendant knotted quartz beads necklace

$44.00 Regular Price
$35.20Sale Price
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